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Why people smoke cigarettes?

Do you ever think that why people smoke cigarettes? What they get from it? What are the causes to get addicted by smoking? All these questions discussed and still under discussion in all over the world. After many surveys and studies, the researchers conclude many reasons that why people smoke cigarettes. Actually, there are many reasons and factors that initiate this. However, it is a dangerous habit that can lead to the use of other more lethal drugs for example cannabis. Cigarette smoking is not age dependent. You can find young people who are in hardly legal age, as well as the people with old age. In society, some communities allow it while others condemn it. Here are some of the reasons that why people smoke cigarettes.


First and most popular reason to adopt this habit by young teenager high school students is to take it as fun. They consider smoking as fun. By the time, this fun turns to addiction and they start smoking not for fun anymore. Unlike teenagers, older people don’t start it by considering just as fun.


Other reasons including smoking after meals or after getting drunk. These people give the reason that smoking helps bear and meal to get down quickly, and after some time, they get so addicted that they feel very bad if they don’t smoke after getting drunk or eating.


Some culture also influences to adopt the smoking habits. In some religions and beliefs, smoking some kind of herb is good for religious prayer, and preacher of these religions encourages the followers to do that. After a certain period of time, it becomes habit especially if they turned to cigarettes that are commercially available.


Similar to this, medicine is another reason for people to start smoking cigarettes. A very good example is the ancient China; they have certain medicine whose mode of administration is inhaling or smoking. Still, in some regions these medicines are in use that can lead toward the development of smoking habits.


Why people smoke cigarettes in older age is another provocative question around the world. The basic theme behind this is that the smoking is coping tool. They feel that by smoking they can suppress their uncomfortable feelings. It alleviates stress, and a person gets relaxed by calming his or her nerves.


Some people use smoking to overcome their anger, tiredness, sadness, stress, and anxiety. Other people think that it helps to control themselves in a bad situation, and increase their confidence. In the present world of fast food people are putting on weight and consider smoking  as weight loosing tool. In some societies, smoking is treated as social tool. Therefore, people have to do smoke cigarettes to be socialized. When a person gets hurt by someone, he finds comfort in smoking and use it as tool to forget that bad feelings. It is common in all age groups especially when someone gets broken up, and they start smoking. Bad company is also another example that why people smoke cigarettes. There are hundreds of reasons are out there that trigger a man to smoke cigarettes and most of them related to human depressing psyche nature.

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