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Status of More cigarettes among other available brands

Cigarettes are one of those things that are popular all around the globe. Many cigarette manufacture companies are manufacturing and marketing them throughout the world. Each year more cigarettes making companies are adding their products in the market. However, two main companies are manufacturing more cigarettes than other companies in the international market are. One is the R.J. Reynolds that produces cigarettes for the Western Europe and United States, while another company known as Japan Tobacco manufactures cigarettes for the rest of the world. If we compare these two companies, JT international sell More cigarettes in more than forty countries. That is why, JT International are more famous in the world, and you can find its fan almost everywhere.


Back in history, RJ Reynolds first introduced Camel Cigarettes Company hundred years ago, while JT International is also acquired by RJ Reynolds in 1999. Originally, JT International established in 1898. First successful 120 mm cigarette by this company was named “More”, and available in both menthol and full flavor. Currently, it is considered as RJR’s niche brand. More cigarettes are still being sold without any advertisement globally, and many companies have its license. This brand was later expanded when there is the addition of white and brown light styles in both 100 mm and 120 mm.


At the start of 2007, a new 120 mm More cigarette was introduced in the Canadian market with two brand new flavors, whisky and orange. Stylish appearance distinguished More cigarettes from another, with tasty aroma. A dark brown untraditional wrapper, also add an aesthetic look to their unique presentation. Like all other varieties, it is also available in both menthol and regular flavors. These cigarettes are being produced in many countries including, USA, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Malaysia, Romania, Thailand, Australia, and England. They are produced in three different sizes, 120 mm (super long), 100 mm (long), and 85 mm (king size). Similarly, they are available in both hard and soft packs in the packing of 10, 20 or fifty cigarettes per pack.


The R.J. Reynolds Company considers More cigarettes brand as the non-supportive brand. That is the reason that this brand is not promoted and advertised extensively, and production number is also lower. That is why, the company doesn’t sell it everywhere just like other brands, and only available in selected areas where demand is higher. Furthermore, these cigarettes are relatively more expensive than other brands and varieties. The reason is their unique style, premium taste, and pleasing aroma.


However, you want to smoke only More Cigarettes and not others, there is a way to buy living anywhere in the world. All you have to do is to have an internet connection and you are ready to buy it online. It is relatively cheaper to buy online as you don’t have to pay any tax and duty fee. However, it can cost more especially if the supplier’s country is far away from yours, but it should not bother you, if you love premium quality smoking.

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