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Learn why celebrities smoke cigarettes

Youngsters usually idealize what they see in movies. Therefore, the hero movie has a very strong impact on the young audience. When a hero smokes, the teenager has to smokes. Youngsters can stay in their world of illusion as long as they have a cigarette. It is therefore important to know why celebrities smoke cigarettes. Going back to the history of Hollywood, there was once a time when smoking cigarettes was considered a status symbol. It delineated glamour, poise, sophistication and last but most importantly elegance. Actors and actresses who were ardent smokers were proud of their smoking habits. Iconic celebrities like Audrey Hepburn posed with their cigarette holders for professional pictures.


There’s a bitter reality to all the glamour that has been associated with smoking cigarettes. While many celebrities smoked cigarettes occasionally, some of them actually got addicted to it. For example, Audrey Hepburn actually started smoking two to three packs of cigarettes a day due to which she became an asthma patient and eventually died of the deadly disease cancer. That is a bitter and a not-so-elegant reality to it. So if they know the result of indulging into the smoking habits, then why celebrities smoke cigarettes?


The nature of film industry forces celebrities to resort to nicotine as the solution to their problems. While some celebrities get addicted to smoking, others have a nerve to quit it. They realize that smoking not only causes severe health problems, it also destroys the external appearance or the beauty of a human being. For celebrities, how they look is the most important factor of all. Smoking also causes relationship problems in the life of celebrities. Brad Pitt blames Jennifer Anniston’s habit of smoking a main contributor towards their breakup. It can be vice versa as well. Relationship problems that celebrities face can get them addicted to smoking. May be Jennifer Aniston started smoking due to her relationship problems with Brad Pitt. You never know. Some celebrities are also known to have quit smoking. The most well known example is that of Catherine Zeta Jones.


Although, the percentage of celebrities smoking has greatly reduce as compared to what it was before, it is still there. There is no single answer for the question, “why celebrities smoke cigarettes?” as each celebrity has a different reason for getting into the habit of smoking.

Unveil the secret behind the success of the Newport Cigarettes!

The two variants of cigarettes that are available to us today are known as menthol and non-menthol. Non-menthol are the regular classic cigarettes while menthol cigarettes consist of the chemical substance menthol. This substance actually activates the nerves that are cold sensitive and provide a tranquilized sensation to the smoker. It has a very different flavor than that of regular cigarettes as it lightens the strong flavor of tobacco.


Newport cigarettes rule the menthol cigarette market. They were initially introduced somewhere around the 1950’s and have been gaining popularity ever since. The popularity of the Newport brand is not limited to the United States of America only. It has expanded to various regions of the world. The increasing popularity is considered an important contributor towards making Newport one of the most expensive menthol brands. Despite the high price, Newport has managed to sustain the ever increasing demand for its product. The reason of increasing demand is that from the 1950’s till today, Newport is believed to have perfected  the essence of menthol in its cigarettes.

Classic vs. Menthol Cigarettes – Who wins the heart of the ardent smoker?

The difference between preference of menthol cigarettes and preference of regular or classic cigarettes delineates the difference between these two products. There is a reason why one set of smokers prefer regular cigarettes and why another set of smokers prefer the menthol ones.


While regular and classic cigarettes existed from the very beginning, the menthol cigarettes were introduced as a new product. This new product added was to the product portfolio of cigarette makers and was the basis of attraction for many customers. These cigarettes are made of the chemical compound known as Menthol. The compound is available both in natural and synthetic forms.


One of the major differences between the menthol cigarettes and non-menthol cigarettes is the difference in prices. Regular and classic cigarettes are more expensive as compared to the cigarettes with menthol. The difference in taste is also one of the highlighted differences between the two types of cigarettes. While the classic cigarettes offer a burning taste, the cigarettes with menthol offered a toned down, cool and mellow taste. The difference in taste affects the customer preference of the product. Ardent smokers are likely to prefer cigarettes with a stronger taste, while normal smokers will mostly prefer a light cigarette such as the menthol flavored cigarette.


The cool and mellowed flavor results in a craving for more cigarettes. The very fact that  the flavor generates a craving reveals that these cigarettes are more addictive than the classic or regular ones. One cannot state what wins the heart of the ardent smoker as each smoker has different preferences.


It is generally observed that African American do not prefer the regular cigarettes over the menthol ones. The reason is that this set of smokers are believed to have a higher glucose level as compared to the others. The menthol flavor impacts the glucose level and raises the overall happiness of the customer making him want the cigarette more and more. However there is another side to this story too. Some people believe that the glucose level story is just a rumor and actually the African Americans just prefer the menthol taste over the classic taste. Another reason of preference for the menthol flavor in cigarettes is that they are available for cheap prices.


Due to the increasing acceptance of menthol flavor, major brands in the cigarette industry have also offered a menthol product for example Marlboro menthol, Camel menthol etc.

Are you a Marlboro fan trying to find Marlboro Cigarettes at affordable prices online ?

The availability of leading cigarette brands at discounted prices has caused the authorities to take some strict and legal measures to discourage the increasing smoking rate. The government  of the United States of America has recently applied tax hikes to the taxes on cigarette manufacturers. This not only discouraged extra production but also discouraged the increased consumption. Another effort for government to restrict the usage of cigarettes is the cutoff on cigarette advertisements. Reduction of smoking can be induced by managing the demand and supply of the cigarettes.


Regardless of what efforts the government uses, smoke lovers will always be smoke lovers. They will constantly try getting their favorite cigarettes at discounted prices just like Marlboro lovers who are always trying to find Marlboro cigarettes online at affordable prices.


Even when the Marlboro cigarettes are unavailable at discounted prices, the buying rate grows steadily. The reason for that is the addiction that the customers have developed with the Marlboro brand. The ardent smokers usually select a brand of cigarettes and then stay loyal to it because in their perception it fulfills their needs like no other brand. Thus you will notice that if these customers are unable to find discounted prices for Marlboro cigarettes,  they will start looking for Marlboro cigarettes online at high prices.


It is true that the availability of brands like Marlboro at cheaper prices has induced growth in the demand of cigarettes. However, this is not the only reason of non-stop trending of the cigarette market. Even if the cigarettes are highly prices there are always going to be customers who will buy their favorite brands despite the high prices. There can be two reasons for that, either the customer has uncontrollable addiction to that brand of cigarettes or he can afford to buy cigarettes at high price.


No matter what price Marlboro charges for its cigarettes, Marlboro lovers will buy Marlboro cigarettes. A tip for all the Marlboro lovers, if you are looking for Marlboro cigarettes cheap, go to online stores as they will not only provide original Marlboro cigarettes but also provide them at cheaper prices.

Are you finding it hard to afford premium cigarettes? Learn more about discount prices for premium cigarettes

An industry or a market is not solely affected by internal forces; it is also affected by external forces. In case of the cigarette industry, government was the external force that had a negative impact on each cigarette industry participant. Through legal implications of taxes, the prices of cigarettes were inflated, making it unaffordable for the smokers. Although the purpose of increasing the taxation price was related to better health conditions, the business of cigarette industry was severely damaged. The most negatively affected cigarettes were premium brand cigarettes. Naturally when the prices were increased, the customers of premium cigarettes shifted to non-premium alternatives. Cigarette makers were aware of the decline in the sales of premium cigarettes. Therefore, they applied the marketing technique of offering discount prices for premium cigarettes.


A lot of premium brands of cigarette had to undertake a major change in their business strategy. They had to opt for a strategy very similar to that of non-premium brands. The brands focused on manufacturing their products in Eastern Europe. The region offered highly attractive incentives on manufacturing activities.  The incentives include having a no-tax implication or application of very low taxation amounts on tobacco production. These incentives helped the premium brand makers to cut down on their costs and thus offer discount prices for premium cigarettes.


American manufacturers of the premium brands dominated the industry before the taxation amount was increased. After that, the manufacturer’s opted for a transition from America to Eastern Europe. The transition occurred during the period of emergence and acceptance of online buying. This enabled the premium brand cigarette manufacturers to offer discount prices for premium cigarettes to global cigarette customers.


The irony was that that these premium cigarettes would be delivered to your doorstep and still be affordable as compared to the non-premium cigarettes available at the conventional stores. What made it possible was the fact that the premium cigarettes were manufactured in Eastern Europe. The region has no or limited tax implications which allow the company to offer their premium cigarettes at reasonably discounted price. This not only retained the premium brand customers but also lured non-premium brand customers.


These discounted prices revived the market for premium brand of cigarettes and have made purchase and use of the premium cigarettes very affordable for the customer.

Are you a smoke lover? Get coupons on cigarettes and smoke for free!

Ever heard of a freebie? A freebie is something that you can have for free. Coupons on cigarettes are a kind of freebie. They are usually provided to customers or clients that buy cigarettes in ample amounts from a online store of cigarettes or a conventional cigarette shop. These coupons might be limited to be exchanged at stores that sell certain brands. This depends what type of cigarette coupon you got. It also depends on the brand you purchased prior to getting the coupon. Cigarette coupons are somewhat similar to coupons you get on other items.


A cigarette coupon can considerably lower the price of branded cigarettes however there is no specific discount rate. The discount percentage will differ with each brand. Cigarette coupons are not readily available at cigarette shops. They are distributed by the company’s marketing representatives if the cigarettes are purchased in bulk from a conventional cigarette shop or store. Bulk purchases from an online cigarette store will automatically enable the availability of the cigarette coupon.


If you get a cigarette coupon at a conventional cigarette shop, you will notice that it works in almost the same way as other coupons. Coupons on cigarettes that are obtained online or in simple words electronic cigarette coupons are different. There will be a code of verification on the coupon that you will have to enter while making other online transactions. Online cigarette coupons can sometimes turn fraudulent as well due to which the verification code is assigned to these coupons. If you want to use your electronic cigarette coupons in a conventional cigarette shop, you will have to print it and show it at the shop.


Other places where you can find the cigarette coupons are super market brochures or flyers, weekly cigarette magazines, or even newspapers. The whole purpose of giving out cigarette coupons is to retain the hard-core or frequent smokers i.e. to keep them making purchases of the same brand over and over again. The only reason that these frequent smokers will change brand or lessen their intake of cigarette is lack of affordability. As cigarettes are high-priced, frequent smoking can prove to be very expensive. Cigarette discount coupon serve as a means to help these customers with affordability. In other words it is an effort to keep the smokers loyal to one brand. With a limited number of coupons, the cigarette makers can retain customers that provide a larger chunk of profits to their company.

Discover the business realities of cigarette manufacturers and online shopping

Cigarette manufacturers are constantly increasing their budget for marketing. In fact, the manufacturers in the United States of America assigned 85% of their total budget to marketing of the cigarette brands. This is one of the main techniques used by the manufacturers to attract customers to their brands instead of the brands of other countries. The manufacturers and exporters that provide cigarettes at cheaper prices are usually allies with the brands that associate high budget to marketing. The reason that these brands are spending more is that they do not want to lose their customer due to the increase in tax amounts. The cigarette manufacturers and online shopping form a business together that provides cigarettes at cheaper prices. Therefore it wouldn’t be wrong to say that cigarette manufacturers are actually allies to the online vendors.


It is important to understand that even though it has been stated that online cigarette shopping is legal, the fact that social responsibility is being breached should not be ignored. Cigarette manufacturers and online shopping together provide cigarettes at affordable prices but sometimes at the cost of breached social responsibilities. If the breaching of social responsibilities occur, the very concept of the online sales becomes illegal.


Another point of fascination is that the most famous and expensive brands such as Marlboro and Newport are also able to offer cigarettes at cheaper prices even when they do not need to. The indulgence of these brands into unethical marketing practices enable them to attract more customers due to the reduced prices. Even though such brands have the highest cigarette market share, they still cannot have enough. Due to the desire of attracting more customers to their cigarettes, these brands use all kinds of platforms of getting to the customers.


The deadly combination of cigarette manufacturers and online shopping has changed the conventional operating way of the cigarette industry. In fact it has also affected the pricing in the overall industry. The manufacturers produce cigarettes in areas where the cost of production will be extremely low and use online stores as a mode of selling their products. The online stores add to the price reduction and thus amazing discounted prices on branded cigarettes are offered. While this may be a plus point for smokers, it is a negative for the overall public including the smokers. It has  not only led to increase in the overall smoking rate but is also proving to be dangerous to the public health.

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