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Interesting facts of Camel Cigarette Brand Evolution

Evolution is the key to survival. These golden words proved by science hundreds years ago as well. This rule is applicable to present world organizations as well. Every industry needs to evolve them to sustain their worth in the market.


Camel brand of cigarettes was introduced hundred years ago, and still its market worth keeps on rising. It shows that Camel cigarettes brand evolution was not ignored by its parent company. They keep on introducing different varieties and flavors of cigarettes for the purpose of Camel cigarettes brand evolution. It really helps them a lot, as you can see dozens of different flavors in the market including Camel Silver, Turkish Silver, Turkish Royal, and No. 9.


Price is always a crucial step. In order to maintain the Camel cigarettes brand evolution, they charge nominal as compare to their quality of flavors and tobacco, and seem to be inexpensive. They charge $6 per pack, but price may vary depending upon the flavor. Country or state taxes on cigarettes can increase the price as well.


It has been observed that another cigarette making companies offer less price to the customers than Camel cigarettes to sustain their market value in the market. However, chemical property of each ingredient used in cigarette making also an important factor as far as a person is conscious about his health. Paying less, but getting worse quality cigarettes in return would be a bad deal. In this regard, the Camel cigarette making company doesn’t compromise their quality, which give a leap in the Camel cigarettes brand evolution.


Before, Camel cigarettes are available in certain countries, but with the evolution and progress in the development of a company, now it is available in most of the regions of the world. Even then, if it is not available in your country, you can get it via the internet.


Talk about the promotion strategies of Camel cigarettes, these are also kept on developing with the time. After the World War 2, they used circus camel to distribute free cigarettes in a different town for the promotion of the brand. The name of the camel was “Old Joe” whom picture was starting to use a trademark on their packs. Later in 1987, company created a camel cartoon character and named it “Joe Camel”, and unlike ‘Old Joe’, it is designed in human form. However, it is not the end of Camel cigarettes brand evolution in terms of its trademark. As the new Joe Camel was designed in a fun way and it looks cool, and hip that makes it more appealing for the child’s community. Later AMA (American Medical Association) proved this fact by organizing a survey in which they saw that Joe Camel is more popular in the child’s community than the Mickey Mouse is. This dispute leads to a legal battle between the association and the company that resulted in the change of the trademark again, and the company goes back to its “Old Joe.”


Continues Camel cigarettes brand evolution is the main grounds of the success story of stretched around 100 years of success, and they didn’t stop and keep putting their efforts in this regard.

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